Transfusion Blues

by Konrad Lenz

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released December 3, 2009


all rights reserved



Konrad Lenz Australia

Artist, musician and photographer. Born 1973 in Sydney, Australia.

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Track Name: So Far in the Distance
Drinking white rum
Waiting around
Time to move on from this
Dirty old town

We share the same bottle
We share the same girl
Together we've travelled
Through this whole wide world

Waiting forever
I guessed that you lied
I guessed you felt more than

Down at the crossroads
Deep in the night
I move just a few steps
Into the light

The girl with the tattoos
She's a sweet little thing
She's got pinprick eyes
Her smile's genuine

Some live with anger
Some with the pain
Some pursue money
We're just in it for the fame

Some live with anger
Some with the pain
Some pursue money
We're just chase the fame

I got a devil's hand
You're a son of a bitch
Together we'll make it
We'll both strike it rich

We share the same bottle
We share the same girl
Together we travel through this
Whole wide word

Waiting forever
I guessed that you lied
I guessed you felt more than

So far in the distance
After all of this time
I still see your eyes
Looking at mine
Track Name: Death Shadowed
Death shadowed call it quits
There's a hole where nothing fits

Buried child in the ground
Some are lost some are found

Strung along inside out
Choose your poison twist and shout

Keep your feelings to yourself
Keep your promise keep your wealth

Hanging man on the rope
I guess it's just an empty hope

Stripped naked on the cross
Break it loose and pay the cost

Pious words filthy deeds
You got your problems got your needs

Death shadowed call it quits
There's a hole where nothing fits

Call a doctor got it made
Made front page made the grade

Made a million in the afternoon
Learnt to walk with a silver spoon

Made a million lost it all
Learned to walk and then you learned to crawl

Death shadowed call it quits
There's a hole where nothing fits

Where nothing fits
Track Name: Scratch

It's the last temptation
I'm first off the starting line
I've been in this house with pneumonia
Drinking coffee and biding my time

If I'm good to you
Will you be good to me too?
If I scratch your back
Will you love me like you do?

The harder that they come
The harder they will fall
The taller that the poppy gets
The more he feels so small

I'm looking for some poppies for to smoke
You're looking for some too
If I'm good to you tonight
Will you be good to me too?

Harry gets the dirty jobs
The Doctor isn't home
And Loretta she just wails all night
Like a dog without a bone

If I scratch your back
Will you love me like you do?
I'm so lonesome to the bone
I believe every word you say is true

Johnny's got his broken neck
He's pure rock and roll
Jenny keeps a man with her
To keep her from the cold

If I keep you close to me
Will you keep me close to you
If I scratch your back
Will you love me like you do

You can yell at me all morning
Come when you hear me call
Terry's got his ginger beer
Smashes eggs against the wall

There's a lot I've forgot about
And a lot that I can't forget
Bring your ears close to me
Understand that you ain't heard nothing yet.
Track Name: Sweet Papa Jelly Roll

In those days I had the habit
In those days I had to roam
I’m drinking wine now eating rabbit
I’m well set up in my stately home
Jelly Roll he drew a tiger
Held that tiger by the tail
Sheep eye caught him taught him rightly
Fear of failure means you’ll fail

Sweet Papa Jelly Roll
He lives fast he’s on the go
Sweet Papa Jelly Roll
They all love you don’t you know

Sit up back straight Don’t you slouch none
Bang! Bang! You’re dead. Go away.
You got lovin babe cane I have some?
Come here honey. You made my day.
I’m a straight man. You’re a bent one.
You’re my friend and I am yours
If ones missing why not rent one
Come here honey you made my day


Playing music making faces
In the evenings drinking beer
You smile and smile as you remember
You got to know her biblically
Diamond studs on her fingers
And her man is lying dead
He don’t need her forgiveness
He don’t need her wine and bread


- Konrad Lenz circa 2OO5
Track Name: Blackout 66
Blackout 66
(words: Konrad Lenz and Tom Woodward, music: Tom Woodward)

Sweet Corrina you're so unique
You make a soft man hard
and a hard man weep

You've got Kafka's mouth and Herzog's hands
You've got the Judas eyes and the Devil's plans

Sweet Corrina took me to the end
Where the rivers blaze and the truth will bend

The burning wind held us in it's grasp
I should have known this would never last

I give it to you and you give it to me
I give you these chains to set you free

Cause I'm on my own
You're all alone

I gave you all that I could give
And I learnt my lessons well
I lost everything to you
All our dreams can go to Hell

Sweet Corrina I sold you out
The way you left left me little doubt

Sweet Corrina I got you leaving town
Took me a while just to drag you down

You can scream and cry it makes no difference to me
I give you these chains just to set you free

Cause I'm on my own
And you're all alone
I'm on my own
I'm on my own
Track Name: Seeds

I’ve been scratching at scars and scabs
It’s time to move along
I’ve broken hearts, I’ve broken lives
Can’t fix what I’ve done wrong.

I’ve broken down and hurt myself
Can’t see much reason why.
If you think that I love you baby
Well you know I like to lie.

It’s time to harvest the seeds that I’ve sown.

I need a bridge to walk across
All the feelings I have known.
The sun it circles high up in the sky.
I like to live all alone.

Watch him. He’s an opportunist.
You can read it on his face.
Love and good intentions
Could crush the human race.

It’s time to harvest the seeds that I’ve sown.

Watch and gossip. Move your hand.
Keep your distance, you understand.
Sure feels good to lose and win.
I never get much in-between.

Hey, hey baby, I don’t know.
Can you see it there, does it really show?
Do you think I’ve planted wings just to see you
Fly, fly away?

I am a shadow. I am a man.
I am a spirit. I am a barren land.
I have this gift, it’s killing me.
I have no time left for what could be.

It’s time to harvest the seeds that I’ve sown.

Konrad Lenz 26 - Feb - 01.
Track Name: Eye to Eye
Eye to Eye

Six o'clock in the evening
Out on the Avenue
You are one in a million
I got my eye on you

You look like some homeless orphan
Got a million dollar grin
I'm giddy in your company
Your pale blue eyes make my head spin

The sun is going down
I tell you a white lie
We live just for the music
And we see eye to eye

We walk down Glebe Point Rd
You roll your cigarette
You've got your guitar in one hand
And your broken clarinet

There's a haze out on the horizon
The smell of petrol in the air
When I'm here by your side
I live without a care

Somehow we came together
I know we'll never part
The day we met each other
You drove your arrows through my heart

Track Name: Jefferson's Bible
Jefferson’s Bible

I've got a Jefferson’s Bible
And a head that’s full of doubt
I've been sitting in the same position
Won’t you let me out

You are nothing like the sun
And I am such a loon
I got my eyes glued to you
How’s about a spoonful

This bus is making funny noises
I can’t read in these things
I never answer my telephone
And yours just rings and rings

Tom cat crossing down the road
His hair is striped and short
You and me we had some fun
I hope we don’t get caught

You got a boyfriend you can depend upon
I never liked his looks
I got a temper like a clown
I’m like a pressure cooker

Won’t you leave him, come with me
I know we’ll keep quite close
What is it you see in him
When you know that I know that you love me the most

Time and again
I think of you
Time and again
I wait for you
and wait.

Time is sometimes circular
Sometimes it’s quite straight
Life is always cluttered up
With love that comes too late

For once I won’t get too cut up
For once I’m not to blame
I have to laugh when looking back
Underneath we’re much the same

It never happened quite to plan
You could say it went off the rails
I’ll just keep on chugging on & on
If everything else fails

I’ll just keep on chugging on
If all else fails

- Konrad Lenz 2004
Track Name: SIlver Bullet Shrapnel
Silver Bullet Shrapnel

I got Voodoo eyes
Looks that kill
Cherry red Cadillac
And a licence to thrill

I got a girl in the mountains
One on the farm
One in the city
And one on my arm

No matter what I say
No matter what I do
I do it all
To get back to you

I got a head like iron
I eat razor blades
I got breath like a snake
I'll dig my own grave

I'm 100%
I say what I mean
I eat roadkill
Drink gasoline

No matter what I say
No matter what I do
I do it all
To get back to you

I'll point the bone at you baby
Show you my wound
It's silver bullet shrapnel
I howl up at the moon

I'm a Casanova Hoodoo man
Bastard son of Jesus
I got these scars
In my hands

No matter what I say
No matter what I do
I do it all
To get back to you
Track Name: Like Papillon

You and me we have a friendship
We know we can depend upon
Like Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman
On the screen in Papillon

I dreamed we were on Devil’s Island
I dreamed of perfect solitude
You and me we had each other
The outside world could not intrude

Girl I’ve got to hand it to you
You can really mess things up
But it’s no exaggeration
When we’re together and we’re down
Things are still looking up

Walking down there in the city
You held me close you loved me then
There’s distance now a gulf between us
I long to be held in your arms again

Drinking whiskey in the Phoenix
Talking shit to all my friends
It’s only you I’m really me with
You were there at the start you’ll be there at the end

It’s been a long long time
It’s been a long long time

- Konrad Lenz 2006
Track Name: Black Heart
Black Heart

Crows as black as midnight
Eyes as black as coal
Black snake lies in waiting
There's a blindness in my soul

I've seen you in the distance
And I've often thought of you
Now my time is coming
And I know just what I have to do

I've been up in Panola County
And I've often thought of you
I've been listening to the fife and drum
Now I know all the lies I've ever told are true

I said goodbye to old Stetson Brown
I broke both his arms and I shot him down
Now I move from town to town
I've finally laid my burden down

ALl the little girls they'll be dancing
And the air will smell so sweet
And the liquor will flow like lightening
In the rising summer heat

Turn the church into a barrelhouse
Paint the town as red as blood
I'm the father of 14 children
And I'll live untill I've drunk enough

I rose up through the mud of Hell
I'll have your heart and I'll take your soul
I can see deep inside your sunken eyes
As deep and black as a wishing well

The sky's been dark and stormy
For a year or two
This city's just a desert
For the likes of me and you

Well it's one down and it's two to go
There's nothing in this world to keep
My heart it rocks like a stormy sea
And the Devil can have my soul to keep

I'll take you deep into my domain
I'll give you all you need
I'll give you everything you want
For you my heart it will always bleed

Yes, I'll take you down to the pit of Hell
I'll treat you fine, I'll treat you well
You'll be my queen forevermore
And my black heart it will cry for you

-Konrad Lenz 07 - Oct - 01
Track Name: Sugar Pill
Sugar Pill
(words and music by Konrad Lenz)

Chuck Berry sitting in a Coupe De Ville
Making out with sweet Diamond Lil
He says "you taste just like a sugar pill
On Xmas day."

Eating turkey with your in laws
You give donations to a worthy cause
Your daddy he looks just like Santa Claus
On Xmas day.

Me I'm not the one to worry about the past
But this time of year I know our love will never last

Mae West says "You live your life so clean
You take your clothes off for the magazine
And me I wonder what these pictures mean
On Xmas day.

Onlookers marvel at the superman
As he flies from the fire to the frying pan
He dreams at night of his Lois Lane
On Xmas day.

You take me home and you're so sweet to me
You make me light up just like a Xmas tree.

Me, I don't know what to say or do
All night long I just think of you
There's fireworks and the moon is blue
On Xmas day.

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